An Interview with Niall Colgan regarding the Niall Colgan Hairdressing Academy.

It isn't always a given that a Master of a Craft will endeavor to pass on their skill and talent. Therefore it is a testament to the passion and dedication of Niall Colgan that he is unwilling to rest on his laurels. There is so much hype about trends, forecasts styling tips etc , which liberally pepper every single atom of media in regard to Fashion and how Women can look, how they can project themselves. The endless tips and the tipsters themselves have generated a whole new industry, now many media outlets, TV and magazines employ " Cool Hunters " which are basically people who are perceived as having the " gift " of predicting future trends.

When i put this scenario to Niall, he smiles and shakes his head, " Yes that's all fine for magazines and TV but no trend, no outfit, no special look, no designer dress works without the perfect haircut, the perfect hairstyle, everything is secondary to that, ask any woman "\ \ At a time when access to support from Financial institutions is severely restricted and opening a new Business must be fraught with every conceivable obstacle, is Niall not worried about this new venture ?

'I would have to be crazy not to have worries and concerns, but my team and i have forensically examined every atom of this process, of course it means changes and commitment but i believe very strongly that at this time in our Country's current struggle it is more important than ever to take up

the mantle of personal and social responsibility and commitment and provide Education in whatever realm one is knowledgeable and skilled with.

Niall went on to explain that his belief in and passion for the Art of Hairdressing has been a steady creative pattern for over 20 \'a0 years now, " Hairdressing is both an Art and an Industry, while the creative process is what inspires me to produce work of excellence in the Salon, the other facets of the Business from PR , Marketing and Budgeting are the other vital wing of of any Hairdressing business.

It will be a very intensive, all encompassing and well rounded education being offered in The Academy, covering all aspects of the Hairdressing Business. From the time i opened NCH just over 3 years ago, i knew that i would at some point in time have to give back, so to speak, to an industry that has served me well and in which i have been lucky enough to grow and develop, i didn't think it would be so soon but as the financial woes of Ireland escalated so too has the need for Education. \ I feel very confident that Ireland can and does deserve its place in International Hairdressing accolades and it is very important that myself and my great team contribute to that process.

The number of places available for the first year are strictly limited, monthly assessments will be a big part of maintaining the very high standard which this course will achieve. The culminating exam process will be a series of four exams, three of which will be monitored and adjudicated by external examiners.

I put the big question to Niall....." How does the course at NC Academy differ from others on offer ? " to which Niall replied, " All Hairdressing courses have their own unique points of interest and criteria, however after over a year of research we at NCH have found that we can cover all aspects of the Industry in this course, From seminars with well known and renowned Make up artists, Fashion stylists, Photographers and Business Coaching.

Homework and targeted projects will be a big part of the process, this will be a course necessitating hard work and dedication, not just for the Students but just as much for the Educators.\ So, in conclusion, this is not something for the faint hearted ? as Niall laughs and says " Its a tough Business, i plan on producing Hairdressers with impeccable skill and even more than that, drive ambition and recognisable excellence " We have no doubt but that he will.