If you are staying at The Limerick Strand Hotel, a resident of the apartment complex or a member of The Strand Gym, please let us know to avail of our special 10% off discount.

We run special offers weekly. Please enquire online or in the salon to avail of our latest offer.

During your appointment you can avail of our free car parking facility in The Limerick Strand Hotel.

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Limerick Strand Hotel , O'Callaghan Strand, Limerick, Ireland.



Stylist                                Price

Niall                                €75.00

Nikki                               €65.00

Elaine                               €60.00

Carol                                €60.00

Natalija                               €55.00

David                              €55.00

Eitne                                €55.00


Stylist                                 Price

Niall                                €37.00

Senior Stylist                    €25.00


Treatment                     Price

Lights: Full Head     from €100.00

Lights: Half Head     from  €75.00

Lights: T-Bar            from €60.00

Tint                         from €50.00

Tint & Semi              from €65.00

Tint & Lights             from €75.00

Semi Permanent       from  €50.00

Colour Correction   from  €100.00

Wella Illumina Colour  from  €10.00 supplement on above colour pricing


Notes on Colour Treatments

-Colour prices are guideline prices and vary from client

-Consultation required for colour correction.

-Colour prices do not include blowdry.


Treatment                        Price

Bridal Trial              from  €55.00

Bridal Upstyles          from €80.00


Treatment                        Price

Sp Treatments                    €15

Shu Uemura Experience      €15

Shu Uemura Treatment       €25

Short                       from  €25

Long                        €30-€40

Curly                              €35


Treatment                        Price

Upstyles                   from  €55.00

GHD Curls             from  €45.00

Extensions  Phone for Consultation