Dead Hard Skin Callus Remover


Dead Hard Skin Callus Remover

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Make your feet baby-smooth with electric callus remover!

Feet hygiene and relaxation are crucial as your feet bear the weight of your body all day. Here’s where an electric callus remover can be of great help. This little device helps keep your feet clean and healthy while relieving the stress carried around by your legs. It effectively removes calluses and peels dry skin with little effort required from your end. All you have to do is glide the tool across your feet and watch how it does its job.

The device comes with 3 types of rollers that have varying degrees of roughness applicable to different dead skins and calluses:

  • Fine grinding head for daily foot care to make your feet exceptionally smooth.
  • Medium grinding head for calluses and dead skin
  • Rough grinding head for removing dead skin and stubborn thick calluses on the feet

The rollers are made from durable, long-lasting micro-mineral quartz. They are detachable and easy to clean.

The electric foot callus remover also has a unique dual-speed system to use on different grades of calluses. The roller heads spin at low (1700RPM) and high (2000RPM) speeds to remove dry skin and leave your feet smooth.

The device comes in a battery-operated, ergonomic design that can be gripped by your hand easily. It has a switch to turn it on and off, and the battery level’s LED indicator. The device takes up to 3 hours to fully charge and lasts through 90 minutes of uninterrupted use. Use on dry or wet feet— even in the shower — as the callus remover is waterproof.

How to use an electric callus remover?

Once you have soaked your feet in warm water, pat your feet dry. Turn the device on and glide it across your feet. The tool will gently remove the dead skin with its 360° rotating head set at an efficient and safe speed. When done using the device, dust and wash your feet. Follow up with a foot cream. Make sure to sanitise the tool after each use.


✔️ SMOOTHES DRY & CRACKED FEET — Gently and effectively buffs away thick and rough skin for effortless, fast results. With this cordless callus remover, you’ll feel like you’ve gone to a professional salon.

✔️ PAINLESS & SAFE — No more skin cuts, irritation, or painful calluses removal. The device protects your soles while gently exfoliating cracked heels and calloused skin.

✔️ PORTABLE & CONVENIENT — The handle is designed to be comfortable to hold and easy to use. The tool offers the convenience of a rechargeable battery, so you’ll never be bothered by flat batteries again. Lightweight, effective, and travel-friendly.


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