Hair Clippers


Hair Clippers

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Create and maintain your own short, buzzed, or shaved hairstyles in the comfort of your own home!

If you’re going to give yourself a proper buzz cut or keep your haircut fresh between barber visits — you’re going to need these hair clippers. This device will make at-home cutting much easier and safer. The best thing about this clipper is that it’s powerful enough to give you a professional-level cut — all in the comfort of your own bathroom. The clipper delivers a customizable clip as it glides safely and beautifully. Plus, it’s suitable for everyone — children, adults, and older people.

This is an all-around powerful and reliable clipper, with up to 7 length settings to cut the hair to the length you desire. Its fixed combs cut between 0.7 and 21mm without switching guards. The unique R-shaped fillet design prevents skin irritation and ensures safety. The sharp ceramic blades easily slice through fine, thick, smooth, coarse hair without slowing down or clogging. They can cut through all hair types. The cutting blades are as durable as any you’ll find in the barbershop. 

The electric hair clipper features a powerful motor, one-button adjustment, and 2 adjustable speeds for all your grooming needs. It has a 90-minute battery life after a quick 1-hour charge. The device gives full power compared to battery-charged units. 

✔️ SMOOTH & EASY HAIRCUTS — With a variety of cutting lengths, you can groom yourself easily and in the comfort of your bathroom.

✔️ POWERFUL MOTOR — The 280-type motor on this clipper has exceptional power for no-snag cutting. Plus, it features two adjustable speed controls. This allows you to have pain free haircuts as the clipper glides through your hair without pulling or snagging

✔️ QUIET OPERATION — The ceramic cutter head generates less noise and is less prone to heat. The working noise is less than 55db, which is much lower than the GB standard 70db.

✔️  CONVENIENT & TRAVEL-FRIENDLY — The ergonomic design makes it easy to buzz the back and sides. With its USB charging, you can charge the device anytime and anywhere on the computer or mobile power, adapter, etc. Very convenient and time-saving when you’re traveling.


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