Laser Hair Removal at Home


Laser Hair Removal at Home

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Tired of ingrown hairs and razor burns? Say goodbye to daily shaving with this laser hair removal!

Dreaming of permanent smooth skin? This brand-new laser hair removal with the latest IPL high-tech principle is here to help you! It uses warm, gentle light to break the cycle of hair regeneration. It doesn’t simply mask hair follicles, this little device shuts them down completely. The wavelength of the hair removal device accurately reaches the root of the hair. You can easily erase even thick, coarse hairs. The pulsed light absorbs melanin for painless, effective, and permanent hair removal. Plus, it helps to shrink pores to smooth your skin. This laser hair removal leaves no stubble, no bumps, and no ingrowing hairs. 

This laser hair removal has 2 adjustable flash modes. Manual mode is perfect for small areas, such as bikini lines, underarms, fingers, and lips. Use the automatic mode for large areas, such as arms, legs, abdomen, and back. Moreover, there are 5 energy levels to adapt to different skin types and colors. Choose the energy level that suits your skin and body hair color. The higher the level, the greater the strength! Plus, there is an LCD to keep full control of the procedure. 


How to use: 

Start with shaving. Then, put on the safety glasses and turn the device on. Choose the appropriate mode. Start with level 1 to adjust to the device. Then, put it vertically against the skin and choose the power according to your skin type. When you’re done, use skincare products for better results. 

✔️ ECONOMICAL AT-HOME SOLUTION – Compared to the high hair removal costs at salons, this laser hair removal can get the same result with fewer costs. 

✔️ EASY & QUICK TO USE – The quick flashes allow you to complete hair removal for the whole body in just 10 minutes.

✔️ SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN COLORS & TYPES – The five energy levels adapt to different skin sensitivities to provide you comfort. 

3 reviews for Laser Hair Removal at Home

  1. K***a

    Republic of Ireland

    Works well to diminish hair growth. it’s not painful and cheaper than going to the professional. My husband tried it on his back too, and it worked well. We’re both seeing the results!

  2. M***a

    Republic of Ireland

    This device definitely has helped. I see less hair each time and the rate of hair growth is slower. I doesn’t hurt at all. Totally worth it.

  3. N***e

    Republic of Ireland

    It has a perfect design and different levels so I can adjust it to my level of sensitivity. It’s great the glasses were included. I love the use of this hair remover. It’s completely painless. So far the hairs haven’t grown back! The best investment!

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